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Rugby isn't just a sport, it's a family friendly community that prides itself on its inclusivity! 

There's a position for every BODY and place for EVERYONE!

PLUS it's one the most affordable sports out there!

New to Rugby? 

All minor (U5-U11) and majority of junior (U13-U18) games are played at the

Calgary Rugby Park located at  9025 Shepard Rd SE.

Do you need help with your fees?

Financial help is available through Kidsport or Jumpstart


Clubs practice in different locations throughout the city so before you register you will need to find a club near you. Click on the button below for a map of the clubs practice locations.




You can also find more information and links to the various clubs by clicking the link below






Youth Programs are available within the various clubs of the Calgary Rugby Union.  Contact the club closest to you for registration information.  Club listing link



Prior to registering your child with a club, parents are required to take the Respect in Sport course.  This course is aimed to aid in the prevention of bullying, abuse, harassment, and discrimination (BAHD). The program’s mission is to empower participants to recognize signs of BAHD and eliminate it from the game, through a global culture of respect. 

For more information or to take the course please visit the Rugby Alberta Website




U5-U11play festival style on Saturday mornings between 10:00-11:30 am at the Calgary Rugby Park. These festivals typically run every Saturday (with the exception of long weekends) from the beginning of May to the end of June and then resume again at the end of August  until the end of September.


U13 & U15’s typically play on Wednesday evenings between 6:30-8:30pm and Saturday afternoons beginning the first week of May and continuing until end of June with the option to participate in our Fall Festivals on Saturdays at the end of August until the end of September.

U16 & U18's typically play on Wednesday, Friday evenings between 6:30-8:30pm and Saturday afternoons starting at the beginning of July and end mid August.

Not sure which age grade your child is in? 

Click on the button below for the 2024 age grade chart.


The U5 age group  focuses on gross motor skills such as running with the ball, kicking and learning to pass. 


The U7s program begins with an introduction to flag rugby wearing tag belts, with an emphasis on learning how to pass backwards and run forwards.


Our U9s program builds on the skills learned at U7s and adds in passing between 1-2 players before a score will be allowed, kicking and offense and defense break downs


The U11s programs begin to introduce contact and tackling after the first few weeks of flag rugby and are separated into gender based teams. Safety is paramount at this level and all players are taught the best ways to tackle and receive a tackle safely.

U13 & U15

The U13 and U15s programs transition to more of a full game which includes scrums and line outs and is usually played with 13 players per side. Coaches ensure safety is a top priority and players are comfortable with contact before games begin

U16 & U18

Players at the U16 and U18 level play a full 15 a side game. Individual Player and position specific skills are taught as well as a focus on team plays, supportive team work and a higher degree of competitiveness.

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