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The Calgary Rugby Union represents 14 rugby clubs in Southern Alberta, which operate over 95 teams that are entered into the leagues.  For a full list of rugby clubs please CLICK HERE


Rugby has been played in Southern Alberta for over 100 years, interrupted only by the two world wars. Rugby has been played continuously in our Province since 1954 and is enjoyed by people of all ages, ability and skill levels. Whether you have aspirations to play for Canada or are new to the game there is an opportunity for everyone to get involved.


No prior experience is necessary!


No Try-outs or Cuts!


Out of Country and 2 Week Guest Players Welcome!


Traditionally, rugby in Alberta is played from the first week of May and until the last week in September. Most clubs begin outdoor training in early April.

The season start and end dates for the various CRU leagues are as follows:


9025 Shepard Rd SE, Calgary, AB T2C 4R6

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