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2019 Season Schedule

(a manual borrowed from Rugby Ontario)

Online Team sheets have replaced paper game sheets. Team Admins enter their rosters 24 hours prior to games being played. Teams are permitted to update their team sheets within 24 hours following the completion of their game to accurately reflect who played in the game. This means that if someone was not able to participate then they can be removed from the game sheet, or last minute additions made.

The ERU/CRU/RA will NOT have the ability to change a player's record of games played (or subbed) and in what division. Clubs need to be diligent all year and not come asking at playoff time.

  • It is essential that after each game the team's admin goes in and updates the team sheet, removing any sub that did not take the field.
  • If they do not, said player will be tied to the higher division team come play-off qualification time. 

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