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International Transfers


In order to transfer a Canadian player from one National Union to another, the following form must be filled out and signed by the player before being sent to the appropriate SubUnion who in turn will send to the Provincial Union.  Once approved by the Provincial Union it will be forwarded to Rugby Canada

There has been some discussion surrounding the movement of players to Canada from Overseas. I recently spoke with the IRB on the topic, and we would like to clarify the procedures to follow.

All players, and coaches that come in to Canada must be cleared by the last national union they were playing/coaching under. Their previous national union will ensure that the player is a “player in good standing” with them. This is the exact reverse of the steps required for a Canadian player to transfer out of Canada, which most of us are familiar with and have been following.

A returning player invited to a National Team camp or selected to the team, must be registered through their local club. The transfer process begins with the player completing and signing the standard form (attached). This form will also be available on the Rugby Canada website under “Administration”.

IRB Regulation 4.6
4.6.1 A Player leaving or proposing to leave his Current Union to play in another Union shall not be Registered or eligible to participate in competitions organised, recognised or sanctioned by that New Union until the New Union has received the original version (or a facsimile copy of the original version) of a Clearance.1

4.6.2 A copy of a Clearance must be sent to the Board by the New Union and a further copy must remain in the possession of the Player’s Current Union.

4.6.3 A Player’s Current Union shall not consent to the issue of a Clearance if that Player is under suspension on disciplinary grounds, unless such suspension is for a period of five weeks or less and the New Union has confirmed in writing that a suspension for an equal period of the balance of the suspension will be imposed on the Player in the competition(s) for which the New Union is to register him.

4.6.4 A Player’s Current Union shall be entitled to refuse to give its consent to the issue of a Clearance if the Player concerned has not fulfilled any of his obligations under the terms of his contract with his Current Union, Rugby Body or Club.

4.6.5 Save in the circumstances set out in Regulations 4.6.3 and 4.6.4 above, a Player’s Current Union shall not be entitled to refuse to give its consent to the issue of a Clearance.

4.6.6 Disputes relating to the issue of a Clearance shall be referred, by Unions or Associations only, to the CEO who shall, via the Judicial Panel Chairman, or his designee, refer such disputes to a Judicial Officer or Judicial Committee to be dealt with in accordance with Regulation 18.10.

1Clearance means the written consent (in the standard form) authorizing a Player to participate in the Game in a New Union at the request of such New Union and signed by:
(a) the Player’s Current Union;
(b) the Union for whom the Player plays International Matches where such Player has represented that Union in a Match covered by Regulation 8.3 or 8.4; and
(c) the New Union.