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    0004 mc lager 4c 9inch


    50/50 Winner for Canada vs Georgia

    The winning ticket number was Green 0802666 and was claimed by Shane.

    – winning amount  $1400.


    Notice to all clubs and coaches:

    There has been some confusion surrounding Rugby Alberta Game Sheets and the processes around their use:

    Rugby Alberta Game Sheets are official documents to be filled in and signed by both managers and handed to the referee 20 minutes PRIOR to game time.

    Referees will NOT start a game unless both managers fill out their entire roster on the game sheet.

    Manager signing a game sheet are stating that all players are officially registered with Rugby Canada and therefore insured to participate in the scheduled match.

    Referees signatures following each match are simply verifying that the score is correct.

    As outlined below, the WINNING team is responsible for submitting the game sheet within 48 hours - in the case of a tie the home team will be responsible.

    Failure to do so may result in forfeiture.

    1.            Scan or take mobile phone picture and send by email to:  No texts are accepted.

    2.            Games held at CRP: slide under the office door.